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What is Art?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

“What is Art?” is a question that has been debated for years among philosophers and still has no specific meaning or form to it. There is no definite sentence that can qualify as the definition of ART. Art is a sentient creation by using skills and mixture of imagination. ‘Art’ is associated with the Latin word “ars” which means skill or art and it was first discovered written in the 13th century manuscripts. The description and the perceived importance of Artworks have changed along with time, traditions and cultures.

 Art is a Representation In the early years, Plato presented “Mimesis” as the idea of art, which means ‘imitation’ in Greek. At the time, art was considered as replication of a matter or the surroundings. Representation art still exists but it is not the only defining art.  Art is an Expression During the Romantic Movement, expressing oneself with art became a medium for the people. Be it today or historic eras, artists want to connect to the audience emotionally and encourage responses on the subject of the thoughtfully created display.  Art is a Form Many define art as the image of something beautiful. But it is not beauty. Art is an artist’s extension and beauty depends on the sight of the onlookers. Immanuel Kant, an influential theorist of the 18 th century believed that Artwork is not of aesthetic interest. Judging it only by its formal qualities and not burying it below concepts is a just behaviour towards art.

ART for LET’s BEE CANVAS We believe that Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, desires and our way and view of life, sharing glimpses of our personality which is very personal yet the uniqueness of any Art created. Artworks may be a display of hope or despair, construction or destructions, emptiness or content, it might be subtle or explicit, direct or complex. It has many variants yet sharing the commonality of various individuals’ emotions. For Let’s Bee Canvas Art is Therapy since, when words are not enough, art helps us convey. Mental Health Positivity is a matter of extreme importance for us and we try to create a peaceful environment and raise awareness through our ART. Therapeutic Art not only helps begin a creative process but also improve mental, emotional and physical well being in humans. People do not need to have artistic abilities or talents for therapeutic art. Your perspective when looking at an artwork or when creating one, everything is like an analysis of your own behaviour and emotions for you. This helps you knowing your personality through different colours and patterns. For us Art is a journey and we are the travellers discovering ourselves and going beyond our own imagination. We try to create a space where our crowd can get the peaceful getaway they look for and also get closer to art while socialising.

Everything is Art and Art is You, You can be the Canvas and the Colours too...
- Shalini Guha

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