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Hey people!

I am Shalini Guha from Let's Bee Canvas. We have been meeting posts after posts now but today is different. I guess its the first time am going to be talking to you all here. I hope you liked the previous posts about Art. Well, it is all about Art as we are an Art Company but do let us know if you would like us to address something and we will if we can.

This post is not about History or form or style of art. This is something that we just wanted to talk about and I thought sharing it with you all would be so much better.

The condition of the world at the moment is worst compared to everything we have seen till now. Some situations we are going through as a result of the pandemic can be explained, some are hard to. But I guess I am glad that we have cell phones and internet, etc. to stay in tough with our loved ones even if we are not with them physically.

Everything that has happened, hit me hard too. I wanted to go out just like anyone else and I had various thoughts in mind. We worked from home, some studied from home, everyone did what they were supposed to but missing the human warmth, going out to spend your time and so many daily life activities is a natural want and need.

The thing is, it's not just about now but also everything we have experienced to this moment. We learnt happiness, sorrow, love, I do not know about hate but may be dislike and sorts of feelings and we grew up with and through it.

I always think that how so strange it is, that when were young kids, when we did not care about what we wear, how we look, etc. we actually knew what we desired.We were focused more than ever. And now when I have full on senses I can't figure out anything in my life. Is it necessary to know everything now? Can't we take sometime to find out what we really want by discovering what we are? You are human, take your time, do your work, have good food, listen to your jam and figure out while you live.

We tend to make things complicated and its okay since we all are growing up. Someone is growing to be a teen, someone a new young adult, someone is turning 60, every year is new for you.

I do not really now what you are feeling at the moment because I think it is different for everyone. We are in a state of confusion. I am pretty sure for most of us the feeling of not being insecure faded long back. Adjusting with the norms of the society and what is expected of us, we become someone totally different from our true-self. You may feel like you don't have anyone to talk to and even if you do, You don't think there's anyone who can get you. Whenever you have tried or actually shared you have ended up being disappointed, betrayed or something that made it worse.

I mean literally, while I'm writing I swear the space for title is empty because I don't even know what to write. I am just going with what I feel and you should too. Not everyone can understand you and frankly speaking, it is not really necessary for others to. But there are people who want to listen, who really care about you. Do not let go of the hand that is being held out to you instead, hold the hand and be a support for them just the way they are to you.

Your life story till now may be, hasn't been the best but you are well and, alive and the earth still exists, the sun still shines and the moon is lit. It's just us who makes ourselves feel like life has come to its verge of extinction and our whole world is shattering into pieces. But then just Ice-cream or a good movie changes our mood until we again bother ourselves a little too much with all the stuff happening around us.

When I first came to Let's Bee Canvas, my guard was up like always. But now. all of us are like family. We have a rule which is, 'Communication is important,' and we make sure to have conversations about random to the most important things ever so often.

Our believe in Art is strong and it is a form of therapy that helps you. A beautiful Wall in front of you may brighten your mood. May be you cannot go to the farms or fields to enjoy the scenery and for a breath of fresh air but a painted canvas of a Tulip garden or field of Daffodils, might make you smile and take you to the field to relax. Art helps you feel calm and peaceful and that is what we aim for. Mental Health well being is a big deal and we hope you do not take it lightly.

As the problems are different, the solutions will be too. Treat yourself with time and do what you love. Music, reading, watching movies, stand-up comedy, singing, etc. whatever suits you is your solution but so talk to someone, if not your friends and family, a counselor may be but reach out and do not hold back. Personally, I guess we will be thrilled to know how Art helps you and we will be glad to help you through our Art and Workshops.

Go and have a good time. Do not overthink. Love yourself to the fullest and smile at the person in the mirror. I hear they are amazing.

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