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Pointillism Art

The history of pointillism is pretty interesting and different in comparison to many discovered art styles.

If I tell you that this art technique, Pointillism, was not supposed to be a method of painting at all then, what would you think?

Something that is not even relevant to our website is being posted?

Not really.

Today, let's learn a bit about the style that has also become a well used and known Therapeutic form of Art.

Pointillism, commonly known as dot art, is a technique adapted in many forms of art. Small dots and distinctive dots and colors are used to create an artwork by this method. It is used by different creators like artist, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers.

The idea of Pointillism is all about, using small dots of distinct color and relying somewhat on optical mixing to do most of the work instead of, mixing colors in a palette.

Today known as Pointillism, is an art form which was a popular scientific idea in the French Capital, discovered by a chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul in the process of solving a problem for a dye company, Gobelins.

Based on Chevreul’s discoveries, this technique in art was later invented by Georges Seurat and his student Paul Signac, branching from Neo-Impressionism in the late 1880.The term "pointillism," in reality, was coined by critics to mock this style of painting. This style of painting was originally referred to as "divisionism".  Many individuals, also know it as chromo-luminarism.

Pointillist style, was no doubt a part of the Neo-Impressionism movement. But apart from that, with its strident and distinctive color combinations, Pointillism was a clear influence on Fauvism too.

Along with Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, prominent members included  Henri-Edmond Cross, Camille Pissarro and Maximilien Luce. Other well-known artists who briefly made works in this style were Vincent van Gogh and, early in their careers, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky.

At present, Pointillism is also used Therapists for Art Therapy other than Artists.

Pointillism is a part of our Art Workshops and Artworks as, for us, Mental well being with creativity is at the top on our priority list. Go and check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to know more.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons, WikiArt

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