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Landscape Painting

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Landscape Painting is a Visual Arts Genre. The depiction of beautiful mountains, trees, rivers, valleys, hills, grasslands, forests and all of natural scenery, in a canvas is what Landscape Painting is about. In Eastern Tradition, Landscape Painting exists since or even earlier than 4th century. For Western Tradition, it had not been seen until the Renaissance in the 16th Century. The ancient paintings mostly depiction of biblical and mythological stories placed in the detailed natural scenery. Many artists tried to convey the message of Nature being the higher power over Humanity. Landscape painting was considered a low form of Artwork as in history but later in the 19 th Century it finally emerged as a respectable form of Art. The Romantic Movement became an inspiration for artists who infused their power of capturing the atmosphere with passion and drama. Artists: Claude Monte, Thomas Gainsborough, Ivan Aivazovsky, etc.

LET’s BEE CANVAS’ Landscape Art 1. Landscape as Murals When we design murals and paint them on walls, we want people to take a second and appreciate what is around. By painting Landscapes on walls, we want people to feel that they are in the middle of that beautiful scenery and not just looking at it. We also want to raise awareness on conservation and importance of environment. 2. Landscape at Workshops We at Let’s Bee Canvas believe that landscape is all about capturing the beautiful existence of nature and yet liberating it. We encourage everyone attending our workshops to add their own imagination to the reality they see through their eyes. Landscapes are scenic and painting them spreads a soothing effect to ones soul and brings peace of mind. It’s one of the best fits for our Therapeutic Art Workshops because Mental Health Positivity is our utmost priority. 3. Landscape on Canvas Our Artists put a lot of effort when painting on canvas. Various styles and forms of artwork are created, one of them being landscapes. Landscapes require a lot of work and Artists at Let’s Bee Canvas never back away from it. Our artist, Sneha Chakraborty has amazing detailing skills and puts life to the canvas. Viewing the heavenly image of a location close to your heart or may be a dream far away, while sitting on a sofa at home, frames a blissful atmosphere.

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