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Illustration Art

Illustration Art is a visual representation or Artwork which decorates a written text or nature. Illustration is categorized as Fine Art, Applied Art and Decorative Art. Book illustrations used to be the dominant form in this genre.

Contemporary illustration uses a very wide and diverse range of styles and methods, including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, montage, digital design, multimedia, 3D modelling. Depending on the purpose and subject, illustration may be expressive, stylized, realistic or highly methodical.

In Paleolithic era, script i.e. a written form for a language didn’t exist. During that period, artists used charcoals to illustrate their surroundings which came to be known as one of the styles of cave paintings to us. Later, it used in manuscripts and also decorated with Biblical Arts.

The earliest example of illustrations, come from the time of ancient Egypt often as hieroglyph. It is a classic example of illustration that exists from the time of The Tomb of Pharaoh Seti I, circa 1294 BC to 1279 BC,who was father of Ramses II, born 1303 BC.

The first newspapers in United Kingdom, actually appeared in the late 17th century. Although it was not until around 1710 that the first Britain daily appeared, while for the French, the first daily paper appeared around 1771. The 18th century also witnessed the launch of several serious journals, including The Tatler (1709), and The Spectator (1711).

The dynamic chance came around with the launch of Punch magazine on 17th of July, 1841. The magazine had a unique take on and a new, fresh way to deliver news combining humor, illustration and political and societal debates. The development of the magazine was gradual but a story worth telling. After Queen Victoria took the throne, in her reign the rise of the Punch was due to its different, savored and wholesome humor methods that attracted the population to read the news and not avoid it. Illustrators like John Leech, Archibald Henning, Kenny Meadows and many others left a prominent mark for the archaeologists and people.

Illustration artists: Maxfield Parrish, Theodor Kittelsen, Andre Francois and many more

Image Source: WikiArt, Wikipedia Public domain, Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

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