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Still Life Painting

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Still Life is a style of paintings that captures the arrangement of inanimate objects as the subject and often includes flowers, fruits and household objects. Its origin goes to the Middle Ages and Ancient Greco-Roman Art. It emerged as a professional style and genre in the late 16 th century of The West. The origin of the term ‘still life’ is Dutch. It is derived from the word ‘stilleven.’ In French it is known as ‘nature morte.’ Though, the earliest of this type of painting is known to be created by Egyptians of 15 th Century, it got popular only in the 16 th Century. Tomb of Menna is a famous site of still life painting on the walls by the Egyptians. Still Life with Glass Bowl of Fruit and Vases is a 1 st Century painting from Pompeii, proving similar art styles adapted by the Ancient Romans and Greeks. Still Life also became a means of telling biblical stories and conveying religious beliefs in the mid-ages. Then came Renaissance and during this movement, artists increasingly created realistic, everyday items. During Modernism, Still Life remained popular and many artists adapted the genre, mixing with their own styles. Some of the earliest examples of this Art style are Bouquet in 1599 by Jan Brueghel the Elder of Netherlands, Vase of Flowers in 1480 by Hans Memling of Madrid, etc. Artists: Georges Braque, Pieter Claesz, Jan Brueghel the Elder and many more

LET’s BEE CANVAS and Still Life Painting Still Life is a style of Art that is widely used for its soothing effect. This form of art is used in all of Let’s Bee Canvas’ verticals i.e., Wall Murals, Art Workshops and Canvas Rentals. It looks simple yet the process of its making is not as easy as it seems because of the shadows, reflections and many more details. A still life painting with all the detailed work and displaying the still image of an actual scene is said to be Realistic Still Life Painting. Many prefer to decorate their homes with clean and still paintings of objects on canvas that compliment the surroundings. But hanging the same one for long loses its effect. So, we at Let’s Bee Canvas provide a variety of options for you to choose from and create the ambiance you want to be in through Canvas Rentals. Even in Art Workshops it is one of the best therapeutic processes because of its simplicity, stagnancy and the gradual progress of creation which an individual relates to as their own life. This activity helps calming the mind, pausing the conflicts.

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