Sneha Chakraborty

A wall made me start my Business. 

 I was introduced to Anxiety at a very early age. When teacher asked me a question in the class, I would freeze and blank out, vaguely somewhere in the background I would hear laughing noises. Those were my classmates, laughing at me. That day I learnt, never to laugh on someone who doesn't know the answer. As I grew up, I was unappreciated for only participating drawing competitions which I mostly won. Before knowing, I fell into what is now called as depression. One day I got a call from someone from an NGO asking me if I can paint a wall in the slum of Khar as he liked my paintings which I casually posted on social Media.

 The first day I went to the slum, they provided me a huge wall. After brain storming, I started painting & saw kids gathering around. Slowly we started sharing lunch and dreams. As I got closer to finish the painting, I realised my mural started bringing change in the society. People started keeping the place clean, it became a space for evening meeting spots. It didn't take much long to get the tourists interested. Art has the power to modify a society. That wall made me come back home and plan on how to earn out of my passion. 

While painting, a child asked me the shade of a colour, rest of the children laughed. I gave him the colour and asked him to paint with me, he fell in love with that colour.. it became his colour, his yellow. Making art a lifestyle, a part of your living and your mind is what I aim to inculcate.




"To be creative is to not follow the norm, to do things in a new way, a way that does not abide by it's set laws. Hence creativity is nothing but a crime and I, a criminal" says our Yoda- Our day time law maker, night time law breaker takes it as his duty to bring this inner conflict within, in the form of norm-breaking ideas that allow our partners to expect the unexpected from Let's Bee Canvas.




An absolute go getter, be it painting, marketing or his singing skills, we are only learning from him everyday. 
"No matter what you do, if you put a little bit of yourself in it, it's art" says our mentore and artist.



Admin / Content Developer 

"I do not want to fit in a role but make the role adapt itself to me."

Our youngest poet who will drive you crazy with her consistently good grammar. With a creative bend on mind and in the process to discover her wondrous yet wishy washy life. If you ask her to describe herself, she'll just say "A Scripturient Shell".



Creative Strategist

Not sugar , spice and everything nice but inquisitions, honesty and a good kind of crazy makes it right. She is the artist of finance and goal designing. Being a person who has always been fascinated  by the numbers behind a business, she bring creativity by bridging art with mailable products and ideas.



Pune Maharashtra, India


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